After 10 years of living in the United States I returned to my home country. When I left Poland I was 24 and escaped to America from a toxic relationship. Days after my arrival I found the love of my life. Now I am married with two children and have the most awesome husband a woman can dream of. And, I m back in Poland. This is a new chapter in my life which started on June 15, 2012 when I left the American soil.
poniedziałek, 14 lipca 2014

Where to start? 

Maybe I should say that I did try to post few months ago, but it just didn't want to go through. For real. Well, it doesn't mean anything to you, does it?

What matters is that I am here now. See, that's me. Yes, I did gain weight again and again I'm fighting it :)

And here's Erik, too, of course.

We had our 10 year wedding anniversary last month and managed to escape for a weekend without girls. We went to the Lake Country and it was very relaxing.

Mila started preschool in April and Lydia graduated from class ''0" (US Kindergarten). They are now both in Mila's preschool for summer. 

I am typing this entry today because just a few minutes ago I got good news. That is a big relief after the last few weeks of anxiety. I wouldn't say it was nerve-wracking, just uneasy. Mama Ewa has been coughing more. It's been going on for a few months now. Logic suggested that after radiation there is the leftover matter that has to disburse somewhere. That and the obvious fact that we all have had cold, infections on and off over the past weeks/months. But to Mama, coughing meant only the end of the line. Especially, since it was 2 years since she was diagnosed, June is the month when we lost her mom and so there's a lot of heavy stuff. I tried reasoning with her, but to no avail. Eventually, I forced her to see the radiologist and show him the results from April (50% decrease which postponed the next visit with her regular doc from 2 to 3 months!!!) which she was supposed to do. I actually scheduled the appointment behind her back, and it happened to be on grandma's 19th death anniversary on June 17th. I told her about the appt 2 weeks prior but, to no surprise on my part, on the day she said she wasn't going anywhere. Why? Because there is nothing he can tell her she doesn't know and she is dying. I knew it was coming, and was grateful for the date, so I told her that her mom is rolling in her grave now! That worked. She shot daggers at me and off she went to her appointment. She returned, still in the "I'm dying" mood, though. The radiologist told her that the cough was nothing to worry about as there may be many reasons for it... COLD, perhaps? And as long she can breathe and has no problems doing so, cough means nothing. But, she kept on 'dying' through the whole month of June. She would spend hours in her room, taking naps, even being snappy at me or girls saying she had no energy. Well, too bad. She had to take care of the girls for the last weekend of June and, guess what, she managed. She was pooped, though, when we finally got back from our outing, but that is understandable. The girls drain on you! On anybody! She scheduled an appt. with her regular doc for July 4th (Happy Birthday, America!), prepared for the worst. The evening before, she finally got high fever and the thought came to her mind that she might have indeed had some sort of infection. She called me for some meds and the next morning she proceeded with her visit. Doc gave her antibiotics and scheduled a follow-up visit to run tests week later (last Thursday). Today Mama Ewa came upstairs. With a silly smile on her face she said she got the call from her doctor who said - you still have the infection and you should come and get more antibiotics, and oh, btw. the MRI results are pretty GOOD! There's a minimal growth, but that is half a year after radiation treatment. Oh, and the doctor pointed out, too, that for the past year and a half she DID NOT have to take any chemo. All in all, there is nothing to be worried about. She is still in excellent health. Mama felt a huge relief and we talked about her having thoughts about the end. And that she talked herself into being weak and that there was nothing left for her to do than sit and wait for death to come. And, that she managed to tell her cousins in recent weeks she was about to leave this world. Yup. So now she has a Goodbye meeting with her family on Thursday that she has to attend. LOL. 

Lydia continues with various phases of behavioral development. These days she is mostly a cry-baby. So far, probably the worst stage for me, if you ask. I just cannot take the constant whining. Then there is, of course, the mean/loving girl to her sister. And then there is this beautiful smart young lady who can read and write, who finally learned to ride a bike through determination she was lacking for so long, who shows more appreciation daily by giving hugs and saying Thank You and I Love You, and who is already talking about boys :) It's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in one with the older sibling syndrome. 

Here she is after her graduation. Just before getting her nails done. Yes, you read right. I allowed my kid to have nails done. Sheesh! I'm getting soft. 

Mila is growing cuter and sweeter. She is funny, independent, on a roll. Constantly busy with something. Her vocabulary is growing daily in both languages which she mixes all the time. She also sings to herself. She's a terror to the cats, something Lydia never did. She's brave and willing to try new things. Food, for example. She may not like it but she will give it a try! Here she was having breakfast in the suitcase while I was attempting to pack us for the weekend outing. 

I won't be writing about Erik, as he has his own blog he should continue :) 

And my father is my father. Nothing changes... 

I'll be posting. Promise :) 




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środa, 19 lutego 2014

After a very good and informative work conference I was joined by Erik and Mila (Lydia was already in the US) on the 14th of February. And today, I am sitting at my laptop in a hotel room in Barstow, listening to the trains rolling by and I love the sound. Kids and Erik are asleep. This is the first day of our Road Trip! Plans are big but I won't tell you about them so that not to jinx it ;) Instead I hope to give you some updates along the way. 

For now, quick update from home in Poland. Mama Ewa went through radiation in a top notch facility, best in Poland, which only specializes in oncological radiation. She was yesterday seen by the main doc and he told her she looked wonderful :) She is feeling great and have no symptoms so far. It was great to hear the good news, especially since I'm thousands of miles away at the moment!

My father is to start radiation on Wednesday but that is all I know... 

Mila will be 2 next month and Lydia is 6. I love my kids. But, quite honestly, I am exhausted. 'I love my kids' became my mantra, yet I still get angry. Just can't keep it cool sometimes. I'm working on it though. And I know the bad behavior is only another phase in their lives. 

Erik is teaching English and is loving it. It's winter break in Poland, so this is why we could have gone on that trip. We'll be back in Poland on March 1st. 

Well, it's getting very late. I just wanted to post a quick update since I've been mute for so long. Thanks to all reading!

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piątek, 06 grudnia 2013

As you know, today Mama Ewa went to see the radiologist that her doctor recommended. Turned out her doctor sent her to some renown MD specialized in oncology and radiotherapy who is the head of a high tech international oncotherapy center opened in Jan 2013. This center partners with the Methodist International Hospital in Houston, so Mama is going to get the newest radiotherapy treatment available. 

The doctor told her that given the stage of her cancer (the primary tumor is about the size of a passport photo) she is in excellent health. Her spirometry results were more than satisfactory, in fact, probably as good as mine with my mild asthma. He was told that Mama is a very rational person, so he spoke directly. He told her that in 20-30% cases the new radiotherapy destroys the tumor completely, however, he explained it didn't mean she can be cured. Even if they are able to get rid of the primary tumor, the other two may change the outcome eventually. When he asked her if she agrees to treatment, she did. She said she had nothing to lose and everything to gain. She also added that she had already survived a year and a half since her diagnosis and she hadn't thought she would see past Christmas when she found out about her cancer.  I must say, this is a huge change in my mom's thinking and it gives me more hope than anything else. 
The treatment is painless, 20 sessions 5 days a week starting December 16th, however she will have to be very careful not to catch anything as just like with chemo, it is difficult to fight any infections. 
Overall, today was not a bad day. 
Mama is in a good mood, our neighbor had a 2nd daughter and we put up a Christmas tree in Lydia's room and decorated our dining room. Christmas is coming!
Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. 
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I have some news I would like to share with you. 

First of all, Mama Ewa's primary tumor is growing again. Unfortunately at this point it reached the size it was a year ago. Good news, and yes, there are some good news, thank God, is that the other two remain unchanged and actually they are even smaller than after her chemo session completed. Also, so far she has no symptoms she had last year, so no coughing, no fever, no raspiness. In general, she feels very good. She will go through radiation, but I don't have any further details. Her appointment with radiologist is tomorrow morning (Dec 4th). 
Secondly, my father. As you know my relation with my father is not the best one, but we manage. He had an open surgery on his enlarged prostate in October. 
The histopathology results showed mostly benign tumor but with 15% of prostate cancer (adenocarcinoma). He told me today his radiation is scheduled for Dec 18th. 
I am sure you wonder how we are doing. We're fine, just saddened by the recent news. The girls can cheer up everybody :) and the life is going on. 

Erik started teaching English and as he says "it is growing on him" :) 
I can see clearly that after initial hesitation he is really enjoying it and week by week he has more and more hours.
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents and had a goose instead of a turkey. YUMMY! 
Well, that's it for a quick update. Few pics below.

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piątek, 02 sierpnia 2013

Didn't I say something about how easy it is to get frustrated with my father? After days of stupid discussions to persuade Tata that no, he cannot go by himself to a hospital and then DRIVE himself home, he agreed to my company. After few hours of dealing with paperwork and moving from window to window and from office to office, it turned out that Tata was not scheduled for op yesterday. What he had was a consultation with the Dr. who will preform the surgery. Which was just yesterday put on the books. When? In +/- 8 weeks. So what happened? And why did my father think he had a surgery yesterday? Well, that will remain a mystery. And what's even more frustrating is that his M.D. brother prep-talked him for the operation just a day earlier. Since I personally talked to him on the phone, too, there was no doubt in my mind he had checked with his colleague (Tata's doctor) who 'allegedly' set-up the surgery. Oh well. I can only hope that I will have more information now that my father agreed to my assistance.

Terrible news are coming from around the family and friends and I sure hope that all the sickness be gone. Stay strong. Love to you all.

On a brighter side. After I posted last week I noticed Mila actually had one more tooth - first molar on the bottom with 2 missing teeth in between! Well today, one of the holes is no longer a hole. Little tip of a new toothie made an appearance. That is 8 teeth total! WOW. 

In the past days Mila managed to sneak on Lydia who had a lolly-pop and steal it. I haven't seen her running so fast before and I couldn't but laughed at Lydia's misery. Eventually I had to take the lolly-pop away from Mila and returned to its original owner and feed Mila another candy. Fortunately that made them both happy. Phew. Girls, man. 

11:46, wagnerska
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piątek, 26 lipca 2013

Mama Ewa

She is well. In June she had a checkup after 3 months without chemo and the results were satisfactory.  The main tumor increased tiny bit, but the doctor said it's normal after the initial chemo shock and recommended no further treatment so far. Next checkup is in August. Mama looks beautiful, healthy and there is a huge change for good in her behavior. Occasionally she has gravely thoughts and continues to avoid family get-together, both on her and my father's side. It's a different story when people are coming over. She doesn't mind that. Go figure. Anyway, she visits with friends more often, at least once a week, rides a bike every day. Also for a past month or so she has been caring for a stray dog, a very skittish one, that most likely was left behind or thrown from a car and left to defend itself in the woods. She is making slow progress and the dog no longer runs away but simply keeps distance. We hope eventually to catch him and take him to a shelter. But, human cruelty has no limits and every day somebody takes a way plastic containers in which mom brings water to the dog. I swear I hate humans sometimes. 


Mila has a total of 6 teeth at the age of almost 16 months. She is definitely taking time to grow them :) First two bottom ones showed up at 10 months, than upper 4 came in month 14. For the past 3 days she's been moody and irritable and it looks like some bottom teeth are about to make the appearance. Other than that she is a bigger Monster, bigger Bismarck, bigger Mila the Destroyer, she had been so far. That girl has mischieve written all over her face. She dances on the kitchen table that she climbs onto in about 10 seconds, rummages through kitchen cabinets, daily pulls clothes out of Lydia's cabinet (#!$%^&*(@*&$%&*!!!) and is strong like a bull. From our little sweet Turtle she grew to be a TANK at the age of 16 months. She doesn't talk much, just a few words. Alina, her 6 weeks-younger friend talks out the storm but Mila's vocabulary is limited to Mama, Dada, Baba, Dyadya (for grandpa), Wawa or once in a while Lydia, am-am (pronounced um-um) for food, ball, chicken (heard once), daj (Polish for give me), and maybe a few other small words. BUT physically she beats any 2 year olds, duh, even 5.5 year old sister. She is so much different than Lydia. She is definitely a go-getter. You need eyes all around your head to watch that little Tank. While Lydia would be glued to anything on the screen, Mila's interest in TV is almost non-existent. She loves to climb, spends most of the day outside running, playing and I wouldn't be surprised if she learns to ride a bike before Lydia who is struggling with that tremendously. Mila has no fear of heights, loves to get her hands & face dirty - things that Lydia couldn't stand. Well, she is handful and exhausting but she is also a very happy girl. 


Oh, my beautiful Lydia. Her ears are broken ;) I like to think it's just her age. She is very smart and her teacher at preschool said she is great with math. I guess I knew that, but it's nice when somebody else who can compare her with others says, she's much more advanced :) 
Wagnerski took her for a trip to the States in June and I stayed with Mila. I heard she visited many friends and had great time. She needed to recharge her batteries just as I had to do while living in the States :) She is wanting to go to school, but we decided to keep her one more year in preschool/kindergarten (it's always confusing to me while the preschool is not really the year before school in English :) If she can't get to a kindergarten group at the local school she'll continue where she is now. I didn't know you should apply for a spot before March end. When Mama and I finally showed up at the school in early May, the staff knew a lot about Lydia (!) except from where to find her. YUP. They got the report from the mayor office and were looking for Lydia W who by age should start K-0 in their school this September. But because Lydia was born in the States (yes, they knew that, too) after some intensive search which involved a local school official going from house to house asking if somebody knows a girl named Lydia, they concluded that Lydia might have moved back to the States and they had filled up Lydia's guaranteed spot. They couldn't find us because we live in a more recent community and except from close neighbors people don't know us well. Maybe if they asked for my parent's name... but they wouldn't know that. Anyway, I still applied and the principal, a very nice lady, said that we may not know until mid-September. In the meantime Lydia continues through the summer in her preschool which she loves. Next week the preschool is on break, so it will be interesting (for Wagnerski, mostly) to manage the two monsters. 


He has been playing in Warsaw Eagles league B, called BEagles since late April. American Football, of course. His team won 3 out of 4 games so far, with 2 games remaining. He is enjoying it a lot :) 
We got our Beastie back in April. We brought her from Gdynia at the Baltic sea, where she arrived after 6 weeks trip from Pasadena. While in Gdynia we visited with my best friend and her then-almost-8-year old son Alek. Lydia met him when she was a little girl. They had a great time together.

Once we brought Beastie home, we had to modify her lights to be compliant with EU regulations. At the technical, they called her SEDAN, because that's what the system came up with after they input the VIN number... OK, then! She finally got new plates and received her Polish citizenship ;) Oh, there was one most ridiculous thing concerning the car that we had to do which was to pay a 'recycling fee'. It's some stupid tax/fee that was introduced in recent years (and which btw, is about to be thrown out the window by the end of this year!) that affects cars from 2005 or younger. It requires that the owner must pay for FUTURE recycling of the car (unless you purchased your car from Polish dealership, then technically they eat the cost). Shut the front door, I say! The fee was about $175, while registration cost less than $100. Stupid. When Wagnerski was away in the States, I showed Beastie long-overdue love by taking her for a scrub-cleaning which she probably never had. Guys and their trucks...
Now we just need to hybridize Beastie by adding LPG tank which will halve the cost of fill-up. You may have never heard of that, but LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) cars are very typical in this parts of the world. LPG is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly fuel. 

Last Friday, Wagnerski became a legal Alien after he received his approval for 2-year-residency upon which he can apply for Permanent Residency. We should have his official residency card next month. We (mostly I) were nicely surprised as typically they issue a card for 1 year only, upon which you have to apply for another 1 year, and then 2 years and then finally Permanent Residency. So we saved 2 years! I can't say the process wasn't a nightmare with several trips to the offices, filling out multi-paged forms and the best - interviews, but it was still less expensive and less hassle than applying for a Green Card in the States. About the interviews... At the time we filed the application everybody spoke English, so quite honestly, I didn't think we will need a translator for the interviews. Especially since I can translate, right? NO! They took Wagnerski and demanded a translator because the interview was required in Polish. I said, 'Well, don't you have somebody on call?' Nope. 'Don't you have a number I can call???' Nope. 'Ok, some help here, please!' So the dude tells me to run about the building and ask for somebody's help. Just like that. And that I did. I thought to myself: This is the only time (hopefully) I am about to make a fool of myself in front of these people, and then they will forget me. Of course, some may remember and I can become a subject of a small-talk, but, oh well. So I stood in a hallway of each floor and cried for help offering lunch money. Surprisingly, I did find a girl who offered to translate in less than 5 minutes. She left her foreign boyfriend/client and disappeared with Wagnerski & the inspector in a 'hearing room' for over half an hour. Wagnerski said later that for about 15 minutes they were just sitting and waiting while the IT guy was trying to set the computer for the inspector. My interview took about 15 minutes. The inspector wrote what I said in a form of a letter which I had to sign. After the interview Wagnerski and I discussed the answers and guess what, they matched. We must be married. ; )
So, now that the Wagnerski has his residency papers I am expecting he will start looking for work. And I know you about to read it, hub, so how about you work on that resume of yours? Love you!


It's hard to talk about my father without getting upset or emotionally drained. Every day I tell myself he is a disabled man (mentally and physically) and this is what makes him the way he is, do things the way he does, say things he says. I don't argue with him, or hardly ever because there's no point. But there are situations that you just can't let go. I tried to tell him politely that although he cannot see this, what he does and says is judgmental and undermining other's actions and abilities. He thinks he is helping while his words and actions suggest the respondent is a complete idiot and only he, my awesome father, knows how to do things right. His mind isn't able to accept otherwise. His mind doesn't allow him to act otherwise. It's beyond frustrating. 
Now to the recent developing story. He has prostatitis. He had for a few years and was on meds. But... he would sometimes forget to take pills or would not renew his prescription (having MDs in the family!) and in a result would not treat it for weeks at times. That being said, for the past several weeks he had been having pains. Asking him directly what's wrong had been like headbutting the wall. Telling him to slow down, rest, go to doctors and all that?Good luck. It came to the point when he had no other choice but to go for a check-up, which I am pretty sure was only because of the serious pressure from his brother, MD. So, he did some tests and turns out his PSA levels are sky-rocketing. He is now in need of urgent procedure and had a catheter put yesterday so that he finally had been able to sleep most of the night without so much pain. Also, fortunately, he is going to have a procedure already next Thursday. But, the questions remain. How far he neglected his prostatitis which grew 3 times in size since he had it last checked? How long he had been ignoring symptoms? Is it cancer? In his family, as far as I know, nobody had died of cancer so far, so there is light in a tunnel.

House and garden

I am slowly adding tress, shrubs and flowers, oh, and flower beds with but sometimes without Mama's approval. :) There is a lot we will have to do this fall rearranging some beds, but I'm looking forward to it. Mama is more of a minimalist, I like little more density. 

Boys built an awesome wooden structure for the girls which now has 2 swings, a slide with a platform-to-become-a-roofed-fort, and a sandbox. A work of art. The slide is almost 9 foot long and both girls climb up the ladder to the height of over 4 ft to get on it. The sandbox opening was yesterday. Mila and Lydia were thrilled and much covered in sand. 

The apartment construction slowed down a bit with more pending issues: playground, new drainage for the sceptic plant, Wagnerski & Lydia's trip to the US. Little projects have been however accomplished. We have blinds in all bedrooms with the rest coming next month. The blinds help to keep the temperature down a bit during heat. Once we have them all it should be even better. Our staircase is less of a construction zone, however, stairs & landing still need tiling and we need railings. I put another coat of paint in girls' bathroom and we finally have mirror and a towel rack up! Big success. Also our walk-in closet gained a shelf-rack which helped to de-clutter it and gave us room in our clothes cabinets. We still have plenty of boxes, luggage to go through and I'm hoping that we can at least complete 'spring' cleaning in the upcoming end of July weekend. We bought a nice used white credenza from my friends which will accommodate the future dining-set. We regained our interest in orchids and already have 20 of them. Oh oh! We're going on a week vacation to Sweden in mid-August. That should be fun. The life is going on. Some projects take longer to complete, other come up. What's new? 
Now I will look for pictures and add them in the next entry. 

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piątek, 12 kwietnia 2013
Storks arrived, or as Wagnerski calls them, Baby Droppers. Spring is finally here. It's been a long winter, much longer than anybody remembers. We still have snow around, but it is finally melting. 

The kitchen is done! We still have a hole where a dishwasher will be, but other than we are fully functional :) First meals came out great! And we both love our kitchen, already decorated with orchids. 

Mama Ewa is doing great so far. Mila is walking like a pro and Lydia is practicing her scribbles at preschool. Life is good. 

Photos will follow. 

20:36, wagnerska
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środa, 20 marca 2013

Mila's favorite toy - my purse...

Mila bag

Sisters forever

Babcia Ewa

Happy Daddy

Birthday dance with Dziadek Pawel

Best friends

Just had a haircut... it looks better after a week :-)

Hungarian Sour Cherry Cake

Lydia is helping to blow the candle

Cake inside - YUM

First bite of the birthday cake

Cake-face :)

Ok, fine. I'll have some more!


5 & 1

13:11, wagnerska
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It's been awfully long and it is really time for an update. 

Erik arrived and girls and I are so happy. For now he is Mr. Homemaker :) although no cooking involved as we are still awaiting our appliances and kitchen cabinets. Mila is totally Daddy's girl. She calls for Dada all the time. She loves to cuddle and play with him. She took first steps on her birthday and is now making 6-step trips here and there. She's more successful when she carries something in her hand. 

On March 5th we celebrated Mila's first birthday with a Hungarian Sour Cherry Cake. Mila actually liked it :) It was a beautiful spring day. But then winter returned with snow and cold temperatures and till today the world is covered white. And it bring us all cold. Well, I'm thinking more like Lydia brought us all cold from the preschool... Runny nose, stuffed sinuses. We've been dealing with that for over a week now. And that is everybody except from Lydia. Go figure.

However, not that Lydia is all well. Since Monday she has once again Scarlet fever. I know I know. I can hear you Oh-no'ing. To make the long story short, following Lydia's US doc suggestion (not that I don't trust MDs here, on the contrary, but I always valued Dr. Cohen's input) I contacted infectious diseases doctor for children who put me at ease. So far, we've been doing things right. She told me that kids can have scarlet fever up to 3 times because there are 3 strains of bacteria that can cause scarlet fever. She also, as I began to suspect, may be the carrier, but it doesn't change anything when it comes to treatment. I told her we took the swab for culture and she said that we can wait for results (this Friday) before introducing the antibiotic so that we know for sure what the strep bacteria may be resistant to and then hit it with the right one. This should eradicate the disease once and for all. 

Mila, aka Peanut the Destroyer, Brunswick (battleship)... is everywhere. She is like a tornado wherever she goes. She will keep us on our toes. She says Mama, Dada & Baba. She also said 2 other Polish words: here and maybe. She still has only 2 teeth and doesn't like much food that needs to be chewed much. She weighs about 22 pounds and is slightly taller than Lydia was at her age. 

Lydia continues to rebel. She is a wonderful kid when she wants to be and she is all but loving to little Mila. However, when it comes to doing what mommy or daddy asks her to do she chooses what she will and won't do. Her usual excuse is "Oh, I forgot!", like for the nth time she forgot she needs to rinse her mouth after brushing her teeth. Sigh. We struggle with finding ways to encourage her to listen better. I guess it's just the phase and sure hope it will pass soon. 
Another issue is English, but that doesn't concern me that much. She 'forgets' to speak English so that Erik can understand. The rule is Polish is spoken downstairs, English upstairs. As for the moment she opts to speak Polish when talked to in English. It is an issue, but Erik has been here only for 2 weeks+ and I'm sure it will pass soon, especially with Lydia being home bound for the next few weeks. Obviously with her being sick, we stay in isolation from Mama Ewa. 

And now, about Mama Ewa. The news are good and we hope they will remain that way. The overall masses decreased 46%. The primary tumor went down from 43mm x 41mm to 22mm x 10mm, so it decreased over 60% in size. It is actually much smaller than what the first X-ray showed a year ago. The other two small tumors decreased about 40%. The doctor was happy with the results. She said it was already a huge success that the tumors reduced so much. Now if only they can stay that size or smaller (chemo may still be working). Another check in 3 months. Till then, no treatments. I wish I could convince my mom to follow a strict diet, but it is just not going to happen. I have to take solace in fact she truly avoids sweets and pastries. She occasionally allows herself a slice of pastry or a cake but there is no more baking few times a week, no chocolate or chocolate covered wafers which we used to have on hand. 

As for the apartment, just as I mentioned above, we don't have our kitchen yet. Hopefully this Saturday. Erik's truck and almost all our remaining belongings should arrive in Poland around April 10th. We'll be making the trip to the coast (Gdynia) to pick it up. I am hoping we'll be able to squeeze a day or two for some sightseeing and pure relaxing, given the weather permits. With or without girls? That is still a question. 

OK. Now let me work on some pictures. I'll add them with the next entry. Finally. 


12:23, wagnerska
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czwartek, 14 marca 2013

First round of chemo apparently halved the tumors! We don't have all the details, as Mama Ewa had tests yesterday and only called the doctor today to check on the results. Doc said the results are very good. We'll have more info on Monday when she goes to see doc for review. 

I'll be back with a longer update - too much happening these days. 

13:14, wagnerska
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